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Welcome to Jay Bird's Larder, a 5-star award-winning cafe and eatery in a unique outdoor site based at Foxlake Adventures, Dunbar.


A Warm Welcome

We are always at the ready to give a big warm friendly welcome to all you lovely customers whomever you are. Whether you are one of our valuable regulars whom we treasure or if you are just purely passing by we are delighted to welcome you and offer our warm hearty menu of delicious food and drinks.

Situated in a stunning outdoor setting we offer a variety of daily and bespoke menus depending on the customer's requirements.

Caring for the planet

Being situated in the great outdoors we are conscious of our impact on the environment. We believe in doing what is right for our planet and make sure we consider the sustainability of what we do.


Our Suppliers

We believe a bit of TLC makes everything taste better. That starts with the produce that goes into our food. We proudly support local suppliers and we appreciate the hard work that goes into the produce we use. 

Our Menu

We are delighted to be part of the ‘Taste Our Best’ food movement which gives our customers a taste of locally sourced ingredients and a freshly prepared menu with delicious home-cooked food and goodies. We love to showcase local and Scottish suppliers by incorporating their products into our menu.


Our Story 

We are a friendly bunch
and believe that a happy team shines through our business to our customers

An accomplished cafe owner, Jacquie has been sharing her passion for food and cooking for over 12 years. Always keen to try new flavours and recipes which  is reflected in her ever evolving menu. Using fresh and top quality ingredients, Jacquie makes the most of seasonal produce by integrating it into her menu.


Jamie, Jane and the rest of the team closely support Jacquie in the running of the cafe. Together they continue to satisfy customers which has helped the cafe achieve 5 star status.

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